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5 Reasons to Choose Ricoh Copiers and Printers

5 Reasons to Choose Ricoh Copiers and Printers 1024x576 2

Ricoh printers and copiers are one of the most reputable machines in the print industry. In this post, you will get to understand the reasons why you should consider Ricoh copiers.


Ricoh started operations in the 1930s in Japan. At first, it was manufacturing sensitized paper. Thereafter, Ricoh began mass-producing cameras which spurred the popularity of cameras. 

In 1955, Ricoh entered into the business machine industry and it has grown to be among the largest copier manufacturers. 

Today, Ricoh produces office equipment (copiers and printers), cameras, projectors, Software as a Service (SAAS), and document management software, with operations all around the world.

As you can see, Ricoh has a rich and admirable history. Follow me as we look at why you should consider purchasing Ricoh copiers.

  1. Variety 

Ricoh has a wide range of copiers to choose from. Depending on your needs, there is a Ricoh machine for you. The brand has diverse products from desktop printers to feature-rich multipurpose machines that can print, copy, scan, and fax. There is a machine for a home office, a law firm, a school, and a cyber cafe. Visit Etech to have a look at a variety of Ricoh products.

  1.  Cost of Maintenance

While the prices of Ricoh copiers are comparable, the maintenance cost is low. We all want to acquire a gadget that will not later cause headache and heartache, right? Well hear this from me, Ricoh when well maintained and used as per its capabilities will stay for a lifetime. 

  1. Feature Rich

With the majority of Ricoh printers, you can configure them to do anything you want, ‘printwise’ that is. The Ricoh MP C300 for instance performs more tasks in less time. Its features include scanning to a range of destinations, double-sided output, and electronic sorting of copies. These are just a few features that come with Ricoh copiers.  

Ricoh 2

PHOTO: Ricoh Aficio MP C300

  1. Add-Ons

After you purchase your phone, you go on to purchase a case cover or screen protector. You do not have to purchase a new phone. I hope you are getting where am trying to say. 

Ricoh MFP’s have a variety of accessories to choose from. These include access card readers and power filters. Therefore, after you have purchased your Ricoh copier and need an upgrade, talk to Etech to see if there is an accessory that can help with the upgrade.

  1. Sustainability

Environmental degradation is happening at an alarming rate. Ricoh has been at the forefront of sustainable environmental management. The company has won a number of accolades over the years due to its commitment to sustainability. 

As much as the protection of the ecosystem starts with us and where we live, purchasing products that are made to be environmentally friendly is a plus and a responsibility for consumers. 

Clearly, there is a wide array of Ricoh copiers to choose from. Finding the right printer for your needs is at best challenging. At Etech we have done the heavy lifting for you. Contact us so we can guide you in choosing the right Ricoh copier or printer for you.

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