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Why Konica Minolta?

Why Konica Minolta is King

Konica Minolta is at times referred to as the ‘Apple’ of copiers. This is because it is considered ‘king’ in the corporate world. It has gone on to win numerous awards in print and document management as well as office workflow solutions. Konica Minolta offers multifunctional printers that are true workhorses.

The brand produces state-of-the-art equipment. With technology changing in a matter of hours, Konica has been able to set itself apart by incorporating modern technology into its machines. The company has lived up to the goal of technology making life easier for us.

As we look at the benefits of purchasing a Konica Minolta copier, you’ll get to understand why it reigns supreme among corporations. 

  1. Dynamic Features

Given that Konica Minolta majors in multifunction printers, productivity levels should not be a concern for you. Konica copiers have printer, scanner, and copier capabilities in one compact machine. Some of the brand’s unique features are:

  • Scan to PDF
  • Cloud capabilities such as scan to cloud, cloud printing and save to cloud
  • High resolution color and black and white with HD toner
  • Fast dual scanning
  • Easy printing for numerous sizes of paper
  • Stapling, hole punching and booklet making

Additionally, Konica Minolta offers services such as eDiscovery which is great for businesses that deal with paper-intensive documents such as law firms. eDiscovery helps save time by retrieving documents using powerful search options.

  1. Usability

`What is the point of having a machine that will be difficult to operate, even for basic tasks? Konica Minolta printers are made to be user-friendly. 

The brand makes printers that can operate easily without the need for a manual. Anyone with a little computer and printer knowledge can comfortably operate Konica copiers. 

The below-mentioned features make it easy to use Konica Minolta printers:

  • Touch screen interface
  • Straightforward options and customization
  • Simple preset controls for easy print jobs 
  • Smooth printing from multiple devices (desktop, laptop, Android, iPhone, etc.) 
  • Trouble-free scanning and save-to-email function

3. Security

Today, cyber security is a necessity. You could lose money, important information, or even projects. 

Konica Minolta printers come with a built-in hard disk drive and central memory safety features. With these mechanisms in place, confidential information is protected from cyberattacks. 

Konica’s MFPs provide HDD encryption, secure print options, and IP filtering. In addition, Konica’s enterprise content management determines the devices that can be connected to your network while providing malware and virus protection. 

4. Environmental Sustainability 

Going green is the responsibility of all of us. In the office, there are many ways we can help save our environment. One such example is purchasing office equipment that is manufactured by companies that are committed to achieving the global UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

I know this may seem like it is complicating your search for a suitable copier or printer, but pause for a second and see what climate change is doing to the environment, we live in. For instance, seasons have changed, the time for planting is now unpredictable.

So next time you are looking for a printer, keep in mind that Konica Minolta printers are not only efficient but are also keen on reducing the carbon footprint. Have a look at their clean Planet Program that aims to recycle components such as toners and imaging units.

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