Copy Printer Ricoh Priport DX 2430

KSh 250,000

  • 90 pages per minute
  • High performance.
  • Smart paper feed.
  • Easy colour drum change.
  • Several editing functions.
  • Optional PC controller.
  • Exemplary low prnting costs,master Ksh.1200,master Ksh.1500


  • Swift service
    • Attain excellent productivity levels at 90 prints per minute.
    • Job fl ow from master-making to printing takes only one minute.
    • Turn your duplicator into a high-speed printer with the optional PC controller.

    Easy & high-quality colour

    Spot colour printing becomes uncomplicated and inexpensive with the DX 2430. The colour drum is easy to change. Ten standard colour inks and unlimited custom tints are available. The device offers a fi ne 300 dpi print quality. You obtain the best images printing directly from your PC with the optional PC controller.

    Durable & reliable

    • New ink pump: reduced maintenance costs and increased reliability.
    • Reliable paper feed: separation mechanism, adjustable feed pressure.

    Edit directly

    • Enlarge, reduce or combine originals without creating a second-generation original on PC.
    • Get fine print results with mixed documents by using Photo/letter mode.

    Work with thin paper

    Do you use light paper types? With the DX 2430 your productivity is never compromised. This system automatically detects a misfeed and instructs the feed system to retry. The DX 2430 handles paper as light as 35 g/m² without any problems.

    Think green

    Lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. A duplicator’s printing process requires no heat. For that reason, the DX 2430 uses signifi cantly less electricity than conventional printers. Digital duplication goes easy on the environment – and on your pocket. Lack of emissions ensures a healthy and sustainable work environment.





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