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Printer, Copier/Photocopier: What’s The Difference?

Printers and photocopiers are at the center of operations from schools, photography and design studios, offices, among other places. While interchangeably used, there is a significant difference between the two integral machines. While working in the office, you might pay little or no attention to the difference, but if you are in the market looking for one either for your office or home, knowing it can’t be stressed enough. Copiers and printers are interchangeably used, especially in the modern world, noting that the advancements have given birth to an all-in-one solution that makes it harder to tell the difference. If you are curious or want to learn more as you endeavor to take care of your precious investments, you are in the right place. Here is a quick highlight of the primary difference between copier/photocopier and printer.


A photocopier/copier is an electronic machine that allows you to make duplicate copies. Copying images and documents using a photocopier/copier doesn’t necessitate connection with a device such as a computer. A copier offers simplicity as you don’t need any other device to make exact copies of your document, photo, drawing, among others.


Simply put, a printer is an output device. The printer prints paper documents, while others have CD printing capabilities. Text, images, and a combination of both can be printed as the printer is sent information from the computer, giving it out as directed.

Tech advancements and multi-functionality

In the past, you’d find standalone printers and photocopiers in various settings. The cumbersome, and in most instances, noisy machine characterized various settings as the users handled different tasks from printing, photocopying, scanning, and faxing. Today, you’ll hardly find those machines. Sophistication yet simplicity is the modern machines’ trends. Photocopiers are now networked and with multiple capabilities, readily available either as free-standing or desktop models. You can find a one-in-a machine capable of photocopying, scanning, faxing, and printing.

The innovative models are referred to as MFP (multi-function printer/peripheral), MFD (multi-function device) or multi-functional AIO (all-in-one). Don’t let the terms get to you, though; now, you can guilt-free call your machine printer or copier as it is capable of what either can do. The bottom line is that the advanced models strive to centralize document management. From production to distribution, with fewer machines, you get more space and manage the process better.

But, what’s best for your situation?

Before making the final pick, you’ll have to think a lot deeper. The difference between a standalone printer, photocopier, and multi-function device holds significant weight. The top considerations while choosing the best option are your budget and needs. For instance, if you are dealing with significant volumes, then standalone machines are the best option. Standalone printers and copiers are more robust, making it easier to handle heavy needs without interrupting your operations. However, if your needs aren’t that demanding, going for the multi-function option is recommendable. Apart from the smaller footprint, multi-function devices are economical, and with innovative brands, you’ll find them easy to use.

See, knowing the difference comes in handy as you hit the market. You’ll not only find it easier as you browse through the available options but also make a valuable purchase that can comfortably handle your needs.

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