Maintenance and Care tips

Pointers to Keep Your Office’s Soul at Its Best

Do you only think about your copier when the papers get jammed or hit some snags such as light ink that frustrates your printing/photocopying efforts? You are not alone; while the copier is at the core of your office activities, it barely gets some love until there is an issue. Keeping your office’s soul at its best is surprisingly easy. Some of the overlooked yet straightforward hacks could be all you need to keep the copier at its best for an extended period despite the demanding requirements in your office. Let’s look at some practical pointers to help you maintain the copier.

Use the shut-off button, but remember to warm it up

When the copier isn’t in use, it should be off, such as during weekends and nights. The simple hack lets you enjoy the copier for long, not to mention the effect on your energy bills. Flipping the off button is not such a hassle, yet you ensure that the copier isn’t on standby mode that contributes to wear and tear. The best part is that switching it off eliminates invisible or ghost energy consumption that only skyrockets your electric bills. After the long weekend, don’t forget that the copier needs to warm up before it is ready for normal output. After shutting it down, it means that it’ll probably need to run some calibrations, and if you aren’t patient enough and keep hitting the buttons, you’re only worsening the situation.

Regular checks are a gem

Waiting till the copier stops, displays an error code, or significantly slows to give it some tender love and care could come back to haunt you. Calling in a technician at such timing guarantees that you’ll fork a lot more from your pockets. Implementing routine checks eliminates such concerns. Regular checks help detect issues before they develop into significant problems that could break down the copier, demanding extensive repairs and replacements. As you shop for an ideal copier, it helps if you choose a vendor who’s more of a partner, meaning that you can engage them for routine maintenance checks.

Choose the supplies wisely

Copier parts such as toners are not created equally, and neither are the other supplies such as papers. Saving a few bucks on cheaper supplies only works for a limited period, and in the long run, it could cost you a considerable chunk. The worst part is that some could even void your warranty, costing you a lot more in significant replacements and repairs. Choosing your materials could take the backseat, especially if the budget is your primary driver, yet the approach is not financially friendly.

It starts by choosing the right machine

Are you running a large, medium, or small office? Copiers are made with certain needs in mind; if you are running an office with high-volume copier needs, you need a machine that’s capable of handling the workload efficiently. Choosing the right machine is the easiest hack since you won’t be overworking the copier, leading to fast wear and tear. Check out resourceful online material to help you pick an ideal copier.

Keeping your copier at its best doesn’t have to be such a hassle. Check out more pieces from our blog; we’ve and will continue to compile practical pointers to help you find, buy, and maintain copiers, ensuring that you realize the value of your investment.

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