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Discover 6 Ways you can Reduce Printing Costs


Did you know that printing is ranked the third highest business expense? Other than rent and salaries, printing needs are the most expensive costs for a business. 

About 40% of office printed paper is trashed each day. Research also shows that between 1-3% of yearly revenue goes into printing. Because of lack of software, or a process of recording printing expenses, businesses underestimate printing costs.

True cost of printing

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With this in mind I am sure you are now interested in finding ways to reduce your printing costs.   

  1. Choose the right Copier or Printer

There are many copiers and printers in the market to choose from. Each has its unique features and prices. 

When buying a copier or printer, you should ask a few questions. What features do I need? What will you be printing? What is the volume of the prints you need? What is your budget? Which brands meet your needs and are within your budget? 

These are just a few of the many questions you need to answer accurately. Research about a product is not easy but you do not have to worry about that.

 Contact us at Etech to help out.   

Having the right help will not only help you get a copier or printer that will meet your needs but will also help you get a machine that will help reduce costs. It will only do what you need!

  1. Buy paper in Bulk

Buying things in bulk treats your pocket fairly. 

  • It reduces transport to and from the supplier or shop. 
  • It saves time
  • Less packaging, which is also environmentally friendly
  • Helps avoid instances of shortages

Printing papers do not go bad, they are papers, not vegetables! Buy in bulk and save money.

  1. Unplug Copier or Printer

This may seem ridiculous, right? No, it is not.

Copiers and printers are machines that use electrical current and circuits. If a circuit breaks then you will need a technician to replace it.

When a copier is left on when it is not in use it is prone to break easily. It not only damages the circuit it also reduces its lifespan.

So, when you are not using your machine, just unplug it. Three seconds of your life only!  And this will save you money and business.

  1. Proofread Final Document to be Printed

We are human and we make errors all the time. That is why our teachers were so mad and gave lower marks for minor mistakes.

Printing documents with errors will cost you more.

If you fail to proofread and you go on to print a document with a mistake, you will need to reprint. That is lost paper, time, energy, and electricity. 

Use a little of your time to proofread and in the end, you will reduce printing costs.

  1. Reuse Waste Paper

Have you ever seen a book with each page having a separate sheet? I bet not.

Hence, utilize every inch of your paper. Use both sides of the paper not unless the documentation you want to print has to be on one page.

When you have documents that are no longer needed, use them as rough papers.

Reusing waste paper is not only cost-effective but also helps to conserve the environment.

Print double-sided! Print only when necessary! Consider having recycling containers!

  1. Service your Machine Regularly

Do not wait for your copier or printer to break down for you to service it. It does not make sense at all. 

In the spirit of reducing printing costs, know some basic copier care and DIY tips

Before calling Etech technicians, who are always on dial to have a look at your machine, be one with your machine so you have an idea what the problem could be. 

Failure to frequently service your copier or printer could easily lead to a breakdown. Repairs from breakdown cost you more money. 


The ways discussed in this blog are basic ways you can adhere to at the office or at home. There are other technical ways that might require a technician or someone with experience. 

Let’s reduce printing costs! If you need anything clarified contact Etech for all your needs. 

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