Etech Office Solutions offers a wide range of Copiers / Printers, their toner cartridges, toner products and spares and other consumables as needed. We stock all types of printers / copiers and their consumables. Our printers / photocopiers are majorly refurbished with the guarantee that they perform as if they were just as new. These cost-effective products are durable and are the best in the document management industry. We only import genuine printers / copiers and ensure that their consumables are authentic and original too.

We ensure that we keep in touch with our clients, especially regarding the performance of their photocopiers / printers. We conduct surveys and interact with them especially in our social media platforms. We have an experienced team on standby, to attend to any maintenance needs that may arise. We stand out among the rest because we place our customers before ourselves.


Our Vision is to be the leading provider of office solutions. We envision being the most trusted supplier of printers, photocopiers, toner cartridges, spare parts and other consumables.


Our mission is to always provide quality yet cost-effective office solutions for our clients. We aim at being the best in Kenya and internationally.

We work to ensure that we are the leaders in the Document Management Industry. Our products, Photocopiers / Printers, Toners, Toner Products, Spares parts are the best you can get, and this is evinced by the growing number of returning and satisfied customers. Our goal is to offer a combination of quality, innovation, cost effectiveness and support for our customers. We uphold utmost transparency and this has earned us a lot of trust with our customers. We also treat customer needs individually and are always ready to advise  our clients regarding their  specific needs. Etech strives towards attaining the highest global quality standards in all systems & processes. Etech aims to be your preferred Business Partner to supply you the best Toner, Toner Products, Consumables, Spares and Reprocessed Equipment for your Document Management requirement / solutions.


  • Etech would like to be recognized in the Document Management Industry as one of the best supplier of Photocopiers / Printers, Toner, Consumables and spares.
  • Etech also aims at being the best customer service provider in the document management industry. We have invested heavily in ensuring that all our customers are happy and that all issues are handled as they may arise.
  • Etech look into a successful future and we want to grow with our customers. Our products and services are aimed at ensuring that our customers realize profitability, efficiency and effectiveness, as we address their needs with care and consistency.