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6 Profitable Opportunities in the Kenyan Printing Industry for 2022

6 Profitable Opportunities in the Kenyan Printing Industry for 2022

Now that we have looked at the rich history of printing, let us now have a look at the future and opportunities in the printing industry. 

Gone are the days when you had to go to government offices to renew driving licenses, good conduct certificates, and insurance. Additionally, CBC is here with us na haitaki hasira.

Almost all government and business services are online. What does this mean? More people are now printing their documents locally, hapo uko. In offices and cyber shops.

Opportunities are available for you that owns a print business or even a printer at home. 

  1.  CBC

CBC has come with all manner of demands. My 7-year-old nephew always has something to print over the weekends. He is now friends with Jonte the cyber guy from our hood. His weekends are not weekends if he does not go to Jontes’.

A parent wishes for his/her kids to prosper and you who is into printing or have a printer at home, help these kids meet the demands of our new education system. 

  1. Government Services

Most of the government services are now online. 

From driving license renewal, business licenses, insurance stickers to good conduct certificates. Just to name a few. 

Take advantage of these opportunities to make money.

  1. Branding

Today, branding is big business. Competition out here is real. Companies are aggressively having branding campaigns so as to stand out and beat the competition.

Use this opportunity to help businesses in branding.

Flyers, brochures, business cards, posters, roll-up banners, stickers, product labels, etc. These are just a number of examples.

  1. 2022 Election

The election is a few months away. The election heat is rising daily. Politicians from MCAs, MPs, Senators, governors to presidential candidates are now rushing to brand themselves. 

The streets are now colored with all manner of posters and banners. Of course, it will be annoying since our walls, gates, electricity poles will be filled with ‘promises’. 

But pause, that’s a huge opportunity that you should take advantage of like yesterday. 

  1. Events and Ceremonies

Covid restrictions have been eased. We hope Covid goes for good. Amen!

It is a good thing as events and ceremonies are back! This means that there is a demand for gift cards, invitation cards, and eulogies. To mention but a few. Tufanye kazi jamani.

  1. People are back to the Office

Offices are now functioning ‘almost normally’. As a kenyan ofisi ni ofisi like it is an office. 

A diary, a calendar, a notebook have always been associated with offices. 

Here is where your money is. Our brothers and sisters working in offices need these services. Cheza kiwewe!! Even if tech may try to take away or maybe has already taken the power of having a calendar and a diary, don’t you feel organized having an actual calendar or diary on your desk?

This online craze is confusing for us all. Embrace it but take advantage of the power printed calendars or diaries have. They are still a popular way for promoting companies. For example, customerzied calendars are a great way for companies to gift their clients.

Last but not least, online shops that deliver items use branded packages. Here is yet another opportunity in the printing industry.

So printers will continue to ‘have work to do’. Just be creative and conscious of the trends in the market. The campaign season is here and chances to make money with your printer or copier are waiting for you. 

Other than a mobile phone, a printer is an important office equipment. In almost all offices you visit, you will find a printer. 

The uphill task for you is finding the right printer for your needs. This should, however, not worry you, Etech Office Solutions is a leader in printing needs and will walk with you as you find the right copier or printer for you. Etech understands that choosing the best printer for you is not easy with lots of conflicting advise online. 

Be rest assured that Etech will listen, understand and guide you. 

2 thoughts on “6 Profitable Opportunities in the Kenyan Printing Industry for 2022

  1. Rehema Mugambi Mukiri says:

    This was helpful, thanks.
    I’ve been looking for ways to market myself. I am just in the initial stages of building my print and Branding business

    1. Evans says:

      Great. We are glad you found it helpful.

      To market yourself, start by building a presence on social media. Then you could try digital advertising. We could refer you to an expert (

      But most importantly, treat your customers well. They are your best sales people – more like brand ambassadors. Ask them to write you reviews.

      Don’t forget to make yourself very visible. Let people know what you do and what they can expect from your business.

      All the best!

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