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5 reasons why you should choose Kyocera

5 reasons why you should choose Kyocera

Printers and copiers are here to stay despite the hullabaloo about everything going digital. 

With many brands all over, it is difficult to choose which printer suits your needs. There are many reasons that come into play when choosing the right copier or printer for you. For a clear picture on how to choose the right printer or copier, continue following our blog for more information. 

Today, we are focusing on Kyocera. 

Source: Kyocera

Depending on the nature of your business, Kyocera is renowned for being good for organizations. From law firms to schools. Kyocera has a proven long and rich history. ‘Beasts roam in silence’, Kyocera is a prominent brand in office technology solutions. In a majority of government offices or large organizations, Kyocera is common.

Why Kyocera?

There are various reasons that make Kyocera tick. I believe the most important aspects to check when buying copiers or printers are reliability, durability, print quality, speed, and security. 

Kyocera has been around for decades. This does not, however, mean that they are perfect. Neither is this article trying to bash other brands that you have probably used or heard of. The article is just pointing out the strengths of Kyocera copiers and printers.

  1. Reliability 

The goal when choosing the right copier or printer is to find a machine that is excellently reliable based on what it is that you want to do. 

Kyocera’s products have won numerous awards and certificates from independent world organizations. 

This awards test performance, usability, speed, color output, and cost of ownership. This goes to show that Kyocera machines understand their duties. 

  1. Durability

Another important factor when choosing copiers or printers is how long they can ‘stay active’. They efficiently serve before maintenance is required. 

Just like all other machines, proper maintenance is a must! Etech technicians are known for being the best in the industry. Dah! Using tried and tested technicians, as well as genuine parts,  will guarantee that your Kyocera lives long. 

Kyocera machines with the right maintenance are known to stay for looong!

  1. Print quality

What is the need for having a copier or printer if the product quality is poor? 

Kyocera machines offer excellent quality. 

This is because they use ceramic drums (the name Kyocera comes from ‘Kyoto’ and ‘ceramics’) which use less energy, and are easy to clean. Kyocera started out as ceramic insulators for TVs. This now makes sense why their toners produce quality prints. Ceramic can be cleaned often thus mitigating ink smudges.

  1. Cost

Investing in a copier or printer, the cost is an essential factor. Interestingly, Kyocera has an array of machines to choose from. No matter your budget, with Kyocera, you will find a suitable machine that is within your budget. 

Again, you cannot compare the cost-effectiveness of Kyocera with that of other brands in a similar category. 

Additionally, maintenance for Kyocera is minimal. For instance, the drum is made in such a way that it stays as long as the machine

Despite Kyocera being affordable, its maintenance is minimal with the right care. The availability of information management and sharing capabilities makes a machine reduce unnecessary printing since soft copies can be stored and shared. 

  1. Sustainability 

Going green is a necessity for every living human being today. We all want our future generations to find a better environment. Right?

Not many people want to hear or understand anything about sustainability. However, it is a reality we have to contend with. 

Kyocera toners are recyclable and reusable. Consumables for Kyocera are not frequently used as earlier explained. As a result, the demand for raw materials is low. 

So the next time you are buying a copier, you now know what Kyocera is made of.

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