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4 Common Printer/Copier Problems and DIY Fixes

4 Common Printer/Copier Problems and DIY Fixes

How often do you feel like going all out on your copier/printer, much like they do it on the office film scene? Copier/printer frustrations can take a toll on your emotions, not to mention your productivity. At times, though, the problem could be you. It is the simple things that you can fix within seconds that can frustrate you for hours. Knowing the common problems and quick DIY fixes can save you time and energy, especially as you strive to manage that project on a tight deadline. Here is a glance at some of the common copier/printer problems and fixes to keep you going.

Paper jams

Who hasn’t dealt with paper jam? It is the most common yet frustrating experience that can see you contemplating a million ways to break your copier/printer.  The top causes include using the wrong paper, improper loading, or dust build-up. The issues make your photocopier/printer incorrectly pull the paper, causing the jam. The simplest way to avoid paper jams is to ensure that you are using the right paper size and load it well, avoiding misalignment. Keeping the room clean also helps, as well as regularly wiping the feed tires, riding off dust. You can also vacuum away the dust inside the machine, keeping it clean. The manual jammed paper removal and reloading is no fun, and it can waste valuable time, yet the common mishap can be avoided.

Wrinkly output

Is your printer/photocopier giving out papers looking like they were dug out of a trash can? Wrinkly papers don’t give off that professional standard you want to maintain. The output could be due to worn-out rollers (feed and exit). The wear causes the papers to get stuck, and while jams might not be your primary concern, those wrinkly pages can be unpleasant. Replacing the parts is the best way to address the wrinkles. Other issues such as low-quality paper and worn-out paper trays could also cause wrinkly output. Stick to quality papers, and f there’s noticeable damage, don’t use it.  If you aren’t as handy, calling your technician to check the trays, fuser, and rollers is advisable.


Lines/spots can run a perfect copy, a common problem whose cause is, in most instances, dirt. Debris or smudges build-up on the copy mirror/glass results in noticeable dots, usually in the same spot every time you make a copy. Thoroughly cleaning the copier/printer should do the trick. However, if you notice that the foreign material isn’t the cause, a little troubleshooting helps. It could range from fuser problem or drum-blade or drum unit malfunction.

Light/dark copies

Light/dark copies primary culprit is the copier/printer density imbalance. Check the controls, especially if more people use the copier/printer. Someone might have inadvertently altered the setting, leading to an imbalance resulting in too dark/light copies. If resetting the density levels doesn’t work, then the drum’s time might have come, or the toner needs your attention.

Photocopier/printer problems don’t always need you to spend a fortune. Some only need you to take a step back, consider machine “hygiene,” and revisit the settings.

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