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10 Must-have Home Office Equipment

The pandemic has proved to us that working from home is here to stay. We all have watched video meetings of people sleeping in the middle of conference calls or getting interrupted by a child or a partner ‘inappropriately’. 

However tricky it may seem, working from home can increase productivity and at the same time be enjoyable. All you need is the focus, obviously! and the right home office equipment.

We are in the holiday season and I believe that most of you already have a home office or are in the process of setting up. This is where I come in. 

Determining which equipment is important can be a tough task. You may either underestimate or overestimate. Don’t worry, I got you!

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Here is a list of must-have home office equipment. 

  1. Computer or Laptop

A computer or a laptop? This will depend on the nature of your work. A laptop is better. Its mobility is key especially for you who needs to meet clients in the field or use it at the office. If you need to move around the house to find a comfortable position after sitting for too long on your office chair, a laptop gives you that.  

  1. Internet

Who doesn’t need the internet these days ‘for work’? Fast and reliable internet is a must-have for a home office. Almost everything is virtual. From meetings, file storage to preparation of documents. And a bit of social media. Haha..

Source: Forbes

  1.   Desk and Chair

You have the computer and internet, where are you going to work from? An office desk is part of the office. There are a variety of desks of different shapes, sizes, and prices. Shop for one that fits your style and budget. 

An office chair plays a great role in determining your productivity and love for your home office. Often you see office equipment advertisements with the word ergonomics. It basically means that the equipment fits your kind of comfort. Your health is a priority. There is no need to work, work, work, and later in life suffer from back and neck pain. When shopping for one, make sure to test so that you can be assured of comfort and ergonomics. 

Source: Steelcase

  1. Monitor

A desktop computer obviously comes with a monitor. For a laptop, it is even more fun when connected to a monitor. It is great for better planning of work as well as readjusting positions. You may need more than one based on the work you do.

Source: PCMag

  1. Printer or copier  

Etech will take care of this. A printer or copier might seem unnecessary for a home office till you need to print something and remember me. There are a variety of desktop copiers and printers that are less expensive and have the ability to scan, print, and copy. Etech has got your back on this one.

  1. Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

Let’s face it, we live in Kenya. As much as Daima mimi ni Mkenya, electricity can at times be unpredictable. Invest in a UPS to ensure that you are not caught flat-footed.

  1. Quality Headphones or Earphones

If you want to concentrate on your work being at home, noise-canceling earphones or headphones are a must-have. You are at home, not at the office. The kids, a larger-than-life roommate, a partner who needs your attention 24/7 or an entitled visiting relative all will effectively make sure no work will be done yet they need to eat. 

  1. Coffee Mug and Water Bottle

I like this one. Mwanzo look for classy ones that will help to calm and cool you down and make your ‘office’ look elegant. You do not also need to keep going to the kitchen. Concentration is key buaana.

  1. Notebook and Pen

You will often need to note something down or even draw something as you brainstorm or calm your nerves. A notebook can even be your mini diary. Despite the digital calendars, notebooks come in handy when noting down ideas that come up as you work. As for a pen, I am sure we all have that unique pen that we never want to share. Look for a pen that will be synonymous with your office. One that can even ‘talk on your behalf.”

  1. File Cabinet

Work files are for work. I remember once my little sister went into my old man’s office, took a pen, and started scribbling all over his diary. You know what later happened. Have a cabinet where you can organize your documents and keep them safe. 

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